Console C++ Starter Kit

It's true that all this begin in 1999 with de PMLite wich is a portable code in C Langage to develop for multi-plateforms.

Now it is acheived with using it in a C++ Console Project for Visual Studio Community and  it's a GitHub project :

mabyre/Console-CpluPlus- StarterKit

Why this is a starter kit, because the way to add or remove a part of code, unable or disable a test is made the easiest way has possible. You create a new code just bay copy/paste an existing code then you have a new space to write some new code that is entirely testing.

If you do well, with all open sources code provided in Github, at execution you will be able to see this :

The Console C++ Starter Kit making traces in ASReporter
The Console C++ Starter Kit making traces in ASReporter

What do we have on this :

  • In black, the C++ Console with the smart menu system

  • The main window of the ASTraceReporter that display traces 

  • That all folks

The world wide developers world opens up to you. There is no much things to add just come and have a look.

Console C++ StarterKit on GitHub

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