Trace Reporter

Trace Reporter is a set three software elements that makes a Test and Validation System for your developments in C language. Even now it is so hard to find those kind of tools in C language.

The three software elements are :

  1. ASDLLTrace
  2. ASReporter
  3. ConsoleMinGW


Is a DLL that you use into your project to communicate with ASReporter. ASDLLTrace and ASReporter communicates by socket TCP/IP.


Is a Window's application that can run remotly to display traces send by ASDLLTrace. In your C Codes you use function provide by PMLite to make Traces.


Is an example of an implementation of a C Project using PMLite (PM is for Protocol Machinery) sources to enhanced Traces and Unit Testing with Eclipse IDE.

What can you do with TraceReporter

make unit testing

make traces archives for reexecution of code

assure non regression

Front page of a project under unit tests

This time I will show you how to make tests under Eclipse IDE. This is the front page :

Trace Reporter - Tests & Validation System in C Language under Eclipse

Here is the front page of the full project in action. What can we see :

In the top left, we have the project called ConsoleMinGW witch is a C language project that show 2 basic unit tests :

  • TChar.c is a test uppon Char variable in C
  • TMenu.c who implement the use of Menu's Module provided by the PMLite

Next following on the left, we have PMLite witch is C Sources uppon ASTrace.h to make traces. PMLite implements much more we will see it further.

In the middle of the front page, we have TestMain.c using by ConsoleMain.c to implement Unit Tests, we can see the Unit Test of Menu and Char.

Down the middle, we have the Eclipse's console that shows the program's execution. The user that need to run tests can choose between menus and sub-menus. We can see how to pass parameters to menu and much more we will see later.

To finish, we have a window that shows the ASReporter witch display traces. they are two modules that display traces, the "stack usage" and the "memory report". PMLite provide the C codes to do so.

Retreive participate to this project en GitHub

TraceReporter on GitHub

You want to know more? Do fill free to contact us.

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